Rajesh "Raj" Setty is a serial entrepreneur and a business alchemist based in Silicon Valley. He is the co-founder and president of WittyParrot. He has been instrumental in founding several technology and publishing companies in US and India.

Raj has been a member of the Band of Angels since 2007. He is an award-winning teacher at the Founders Institute and a mentor at Thiel Foundation's 20 Under 20 program.

Raj is also a published author with 13 books to his credit so far. Raj has been blogging since 2005; as of today, has more than 1850 posts on his blog.

Bill consults with well-known brands and thought leaders to craft and tell their story to create high impact.

For over a dozen years, Bill has guided many of the world’s most recognizable brands through complex organizational change when the marketplace has suddenly shifted—due to factors such as evolving customer preference, competitor’s actions, and government regulation. Bill's engagements have included the strategic reengineering of complex people-processes: talent selection, talent development, and performance management systems.

Bill works with founders and management teams in Silicon Valley, St. Louis, and Las Vegas. When he meets with founders, he helps them understand their target market, tell their product’s story, and recognize untapped opportunities for their products. Bill blogs at Aha-Moments.