This is a blog about topics related to the topic of the book – The Impact Habit. The first blog post has to be about someone without whom this project would not have been so special. It’s a thank you to the co-conspirator for the project – Bill Sherman.

Here is some backstory…

Bill ShermanBill Sherman (blog) lives in St. Louis and I live n the bay area and our paths were so different that there was not a single reason for us to meet. We both are from different worlds when it comes to work and we lived in different geographies. We come from different backgrounds and belief systems. So, really, meeting was out of the question.

The twist in the story is that we both have a common friend (Tim Sanders) who means a lot to both of us. So, when Tim Sanders invited both of us to his taping session at Pittsburgh we both took that opportunity and landed up at the studio. During the break, as I was negotiating how to eat a pizza that was like a cardboard piece, a totally unassuming person (stranger to me at that time) took the seat in front of me. It was Bill. We started talking and little did I know at that time that I would be meeting a friend that I now miss in my past.

Over the years, our friendship has grown and we have collaborated on multiple projects. Every single project that Bill has helped me with, he has amplified the impact of the project by leaps and bounds. He was rarely in the foreground – happy to stay back and be the wind beneath my wings on many projects. The best way I can describe this is using the acronym SAILsilent amplification of impact over the long-term.

Needless to see, it is not just me that Bill has had the SAIL effect on. He has done that with thought leaders, startups and large companies across the country.

The Impact Habit happens to be the first public joint project between the two of us. From this article, you know why Bill is the co-author for the book. For me, it’s a dream come true to bring this book jointly with one of the most important people in my life.

The journey has begun. Stay tuned for more…