The Impact Question

Authors Rajesh Setty and Bill Sherman investigate the question that causes so many of us to lie awake at night, wondering “where did my day go?”

The Problem

Our calendars are filled with meetings and conference calls, and our e-mail boxes are overflowing. In today’s ever-accelerating world, time-management skills and productivity apps have become essential, but still many of us feel that our lives lack impact.

Our Solution

The Impact Habit encourages you to rethink how you approach life. Stop tracking time. Instead, focus on creating impact. If you want to make a deep impact throughout your life and others, you must create a sustainable cascade of micro-impacts every day.

Rajesh Setty


the team

" Raj is a serial entrepreneur and a business alchemist. He has co-founded multiple technology and publishing companies in US and India. Raj has authored 14 books so far with his first book being published at the age of thirteen."

"Bill has advised multiple Fortune 500 companies and thought leaders to amplify their impact. Bill’s engagements have included the strategic reengineering of complex people-processes: talent selection, talent development, and performance management systems."

the team

Bill Sherman